NetApp Cloud

NetApp Cloud

Your data-powered future lies in the hybrid cloud. Wherever you are today—with an on-premises IT environment that’s poised for cloud capabilities, already using the hybrid cloud, or fully committed to a public cloud infrastructure—use the Data Fabric powered by NetApp to optimize the value of your data.

On-Premises Storage

On-Premises Storage

NetApp On-Premises Storage enables you to retain the security of your on-premises IT infrastructure while taking advantage of cloud storage simplicity, scale, and flexibility for specific applications or workloads. With this you can move at your own pace toward the hybrid cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage

NetApp Hybrid Cloud Storage helps you accelerate your business by taking your hybrid cloud infrastructure to the next level. Access your applications and data where they fit best across on-premises, hosted, and public cloud environments.

Public Cloud Storage

NetApp Public Cloud Storage makes you Stay 100% in the cloud while maintaining greater control and visibility of your data. You will be able to move, store, and manage data back and forth simply between cloud and on-premises resources—as needed, when needed.

NetApp Disaster Recovery

NetApp Disaster Recovery Solutions enable you to recover fast from outages and maintain availability for critical applications.

You can transform your data protection — on premises and across clouds — leveraging on NetApp data protection solutions.

Modern data protection: It's a balancing act. The Data Protection Model, shown below, helps you find the right balance of cost versus time based on data criticality.

NetApp® data protection solutions work within the Data Fabric to make sure your data is available—when and where you need it. You can scale your data protection across applications, virtual infrastructures, and cloud architectures.

With NetApp Solution, you can re-use your data protection copies and leverage your investment in Disaster Recovery infrastructure by creating zero-impact copies of the replicated data for development and test, analytics, and reporting.

NetApp data protection solutions deliver:

  • Integrated data protection with the unified, scale-out of Data ONTAP® storage platform, the #1 storage operating system[*]
  • Backup and recovery for NetApp and heterogeneous storage, including cloud backup storage
  • Disaster recovery for synchronous and asynchronous replication in the data center, remote offices, and the cloud
  • Data archiving—either on premises or in the cloud
  • Compliance solutions to meet stringent data protection regulations

An effective disaster recovery (DR) plan is vital to prevent your operations from being brought to a standstill in case of damaging natural or man-made events—which could mean lost productivity, reputation, and revenue. That’s why NetApp® disaster recovery solutions, built on the Data ONTAP® operating system, are the right choice to help you recover fast in the event of a system, site, or regional outage.