Are you considering virtualization of your workloads?, build a private cloud?, scale your services through a public cloud?, or combine all three?, Microsoft’s virtualization and management solutions, built on Windows Server and System Center, can assist you better manage resources and offer IT as a service.

Virtualization has given birth to new generation of datacenters that deliver Efficiency and High Availability for your most demanding workloads. With Microsoft virtualization solutions, your organization will achieve significant cost savings and operational competence

And when you migrate from VMware to Microsoft, you can adapt cloud computing to your business needs.

With Microsoft Virtualization:

  • You can realize cost savings and operational efficiencies by using the platform you know—with Hyper-V built into Windows Server
  • You can also Take advantage of a unified set of integrated management tools for your physical, virtual, and cloud environments with a single console view
  • You can also benefit from better economics than VMware with unlimited datacenter virtualization and management products licensed on a per-processor basis.


Microsoft Cloud

With Microsoft Cloud, you can Turn the digital disruption into your advantage

Microsoft builds the intelligent cloud platform that gives you the technology which makes you more swift, responsive, and aggressive. It adds the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to your existing on-premises datacenter and applications—without sacrificing security or control.

Adopt Microsoft cloud - cost effective Cloud

Extending your datacenter to the cloud for limitless capacity, constant availability, and lower storage costs without incurring further infrastructure overhead.

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud gives you the Security and ability to Control your IT resources wherever they are. It uses familiar tools and a common identity on any platform and in any cloud.


Microsoft Solutions