About Us

We are an Information Technology Company that focused mainly on deploying enterprise leading end-to end solutions. We have been in existence for more than two decades discharging surpassing information technology services which cut across emerging enterprise-wide industries.

We pride ourselves in providing remarkable solutions to your lingering Information Technology challenges creating impediment to your desired growth level. Thereby, we have partnered with leading global OEMs like: HP, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Hitachi, NetApp, EMC and Oracle.

1. Are you bothered about how to get a Network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources like Networks, Servers, Storage, Application and Services?

2. Will a Storage Area Network be a good fit in your IT environment?

3. Are you conscious and fully prepared of a looming disaster should in case it surface?

4. Are you fully aware of the Business Application to alleviate you organization to greater heights?

5. If An Environment Based Disaster Strikes Your Facility... How Will You know?, Will It Affect Business Operations? What Will It Cost? And Will Your Business Survive?

6. What bothered you about rendering a perfect Point of Sales Solutions?

Answers to the above questions are the reason why we exist to provide unparallel remarkable solutions to your Information Technologies challenges.

We are renowned in the supply of Industry Leading Servers, Computer Systems (Desktops and Laptops), Environmental Monitoring Systems, POS devices, Printers and Genuine Printer Consumables (Inks and Toners), UPS and Office Stationeries (A4 papers).

We have developed interests and expertise in rendering unequal enterprise-wide solutions which cut across the following:

Cloud Computing Services


Network Storage Solutions

Business Application Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Environmental and Temperature Monitoring Solutions